Summary of Detention Review Cases

For the purpose of promotion of transparency on PSC activities of the Tokyo MOU, the Port State Control Committee decided to publish summary of cases considered by the detention review panel on the Tokyo MOU web-site.




It is advised that, since circumstances and actual situation of cases are different from each other, the conclusion for each case by the Detention Review Panel is only_relevant_for_the_case_ itself. A conclusion for a case SHOULD_NOT_BE_INTERPRETED as a standard for all other similar deficiencies or detentions.



Summary of cases

Case 41-01-2022

Case 40-02-2021

Case 39-01-2021

Case 38-04-2020

Case 37-03-2020

Case 36-02-2020

Case 35-01-2020

Case 34-02-2019

Case 33-01-2019

Case 32-04-2018

Case 31-02-2018

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Case 30-01-2018

Case 29-01-2017

Case 28-03-2016

Case 27-02-2016

Case 26-01-2016

Case 25-04-2015

Case 24-03-2015

Case 23-02-2015

Case 22-01-2015

Case 21-03-2014

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Case 20-02-2014

Case 19-01-2014

Case 18-03-2013

Case 17-02-2013

Case 16-01-2013

Case 15-01-2012

Case 14-01-2011

Case 13-02-2010

     Case 12-01-2010 (The flag State withdrew its request for review before conclusion by the review panel.)

Case 11-01-2009

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Case 10-03-2008

     Case 09-02-2008 (The port State withdrew its decision for detention before consideration by the review panel.)

Case 08-01-2008

Case 07-01-2007

Case 06-04-2006

Case 05-03-2006

Case 04-02-2006

Case 03-01-2006

Case 02-02-2005

     Case 01-01-2005 (The port State corrected the data, which was caused by a mistake of data input by PSCO, without involvement of the review panel.)


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